Welcome to the Rural Comprehensive Care Network

doc_oldercoupleWho we are

The Rural Comprehensive Care Network (RCCN) is a non-profit organization created by the collaboration of the South East Rural Physicians Alliance (SERPA) and the Blue River Valley Network (BRVN) hospitals. Together with the input of the local business and industry, RCCN has developed programs to fit the needs of rural communities.

Why we are

The mission of RCCN is to promote and support quality rural healthcare, and in that way help preserve our rural communities. To accomplish this mission, RCCN provides a variety of services to healthcare providers and businesses throughout Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin.

Where are we

RCCN is headquartered in Crete, Nebraska, and can be reached for further information at (888) 917-3772, 402-826-3737

Rural Medicine